Being active in the Ammergau Alps

Regain your strength in the alpine air, on top of the mountains or in clear mountain water.

The Ammergau Alps – Bad Kohlgrub – source of strength,, spa and nature reserve for fauna and flora.

Sommer in den Ammergauer AlpenMultifaceted landscapes: moors and moss landscapes, pre-alpine landscape – this is where the mountains start with rolling hills, meadows, woods and clear mountain lakes.

A natural paradise, off the beaten path, with numerous trails for cyclists and mountain bike riders, climbers, hikers, walkers and paragliders – moments of motion and meditation.

– a little farther, a little quieter, a little colder

Winter in den Ammergauer AlpenThe Ammergau Alps – Bad Kohlgrub – a winter wonderland, away from ski areas, ski runs, caterpillars and lines of people.

Climb the mountain in cross country tracks, ride a horse-drawn sleigh, a train, go on foot in snowshoes and then go back down on a bob sled, toboggan, skis or as a winter hiker.
And as soon as the ice is thick enough, you can cross the Lake Staffelsee in snowshoes.

WinterWellness – in a moor bath, in the vitarium, in the cozy fireplace library with mulled wine and punch.

Our tip: our small holiday train – in service since 1900:
Stay mobile, even without a car. There is an hourly service to Oberammergau and Murnau.