Culture and Tradition in Bavaria

Oberammergau is known for its passion plays, returning in a 10-year cycle. But a lot happens in the years between at the Oberammergau Passion Theater (
Again this year, Christian Stückl will be directing “Joseph and his Brothers” after a book by Thomas Mann.

The Murnau castle museum (, offers numerous treasures: Gabriele Münter, the blue riders and Ödön von Horváth.

Not too far away is the Gleinleiten open air museum (
There you are invited to enjoy the museum’s spacious area including woods, pastures and historic gardens.
The museum features around 60 buildings – farm houses, mills, workshops and much more.

Equally rich in culture are the Buchheim Museum (, in the neighboring town of Bernried and theFranz Marc Museum ( in Kochel am See.

Always worth a visit: the local folk theater ( in Bad Kohlgrub. Four talented theater groups stage 4 performances each year, with a strong traditional background and an element of comedy.

The King’s palaces appear like a romantic dream in the landscape. Linderhof palace ( with its extensive parks and the imposing Neuschwanstein Castle ( the famous paintings and motifs inspired by Richard Wagner operas.

Where Pfaffenwinkel ( and Ammergau Alps meet, are some of the most beautiful Bavarian Baroque churches - one of them the famous Wieskirche ( – part of the Unesco world heritage.
The Ettal Monastery ( with the show cheese dairy of the Ammergau Alps.
The Kloster Andechs Monastery ( equally impressive.