The alpine Bergkiefern Highmoor

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The Bad Kohlgrub Bergkiefern Highmoor is unlike other moors.
It formed about 10,000 years ago and its unique chemical composition is strongly influenced by our alpine location and its vegetation.
This inimitable mixture of thousand-year-old plant matter and water is the secret of our highly effective natural product and its extraordinary healing powers.

Apart from its

  • well-known thermo-physical effect, it also has a special
  • biochemical effect. This is mostly due to its water-soluble substances, which have a refreshing impact on receptors governing and regulating the body’s hormone balance .

The valuable Complex of our holistic Moor Therapy

  • The moor therapy in Bavariastimulates the metabolism and improves joint mobility
  • Alleviates bone and joint pain due to its analgesic ingredients
  • Relaxes muscles and mobilizes the body’s own healing powers
  • Improves blood circulation and oxygen supply
  • The estrogen-containing moor substances regulate the hormone balance in a natural way and stimulate the vegetative nervous system

Natural Treasures

You will be relaxing in our own homemade moor bath. For us at Johannesbad the Bergkiefern moor is a precious gift from nature that we treat sensibly and with sustainability in mind. That is why after fulfilling its purpose in treatment, we return the bathing moor to its original place, where moss and other plants colonize again. Over time the moor is re-naturalized.