The Medical Spa

Traditional Health Care meets Zeitgeist

Medical Wellness in our hotel Medical Wellness in our hotel takes you on a visual trip to the natural habitat of our moor and pre-Alpine landscape: natural materials, colors, wood and stones. Even during your treatment with our unique natural remedy, you will sense the elementary power of the Bergkiefern high moor. We combine a new Medi Spa ambience and our experience from more than 100 years of balneology and physiotherapy with our openness toward alternative healing methods in prevention and rehabilitation.

Our name stands for modern balneology, specialist competence and trained therapists.

As of 2011 we have made the following additions to our therapy and wellness portfolio:

  • Back fitness – for your support and locomotor system
  • Dorn method - for the treatment of joint malpositions
  • Breuss massage – gentle, soothing stretching massage for the spinal column
  • Diet counseling: the path to a healthy lifestyle can often start by changing harmful eating habits. Our state-certified wellness trainer will give you helpful tips on combining a healthy diet with the pleasure of eating.

It is important to us that your visit has a lasting effect on your health.