Holiday in Bavaria

Sights of the Ammergau Alps

Embedded in a world of Zeitgeist, spirituality, art and passion is Bad Kohlgrub in the Ammergau Alps.

In the East: Murnau – home to artists like Gabriele Münter, Wassily Kandinsky. Source of inspiration to world-class luminaries such as Macke, Werefkin, Jawlensky.
The Murnau art scene is alive at the castle, the Münter Haus, in galleries, the kulturNacht and the EuroArt.
Franz Marc in Kochel am See.

Passionsspiele OberammergauIn the West - Oberammergau:
Village of actors, wood carvers, painters and passion plays.

Surrounded by churches and monasteries - Ettal, Rottenbuch, the Wies and the castles of King Ludwig II - Linderhof und Neuschwanstein
Munich and Innsbruck are only 30 minutes away by train or car.

In the center – the Moor Town of Bad Kohlgrub.
Traditional dresses, Lederhosen, the Plattler dance, folk theater – authentic, genuine and alive.
Urlaub in Oberbayern Bavarian customs in the rhythm of the seasons: Easter traditions, Corpus Christi procession, assumption of Virgin Mary, alpine singing, mountain mass, thanksgiving and the Christmas market for a good cause as well as the night of a thousand lights at the end of the year.